Hair Loss Treatment And Prevention For Both Men and Women

A clinically proven hair loss treatment regiment called dhtSensor is being used on both men and women to reduce hair loss, enhance the quality of your scalp, improve the look of thinning hair, and trigger new hair growth. This product has been thoroughly tested through case studies and has successfully shown an increase of Anagen or growing hairs within 80% of those tested. Each patient that used the products ended up with larger hair shafts and more acutely rooted follicles.

Results Are Backed by Clinical Studies

A top Trichology Research Clinic conducted the studies. The test groups were made up of patients suffering from excessive hair loss. Researchers required each patient to use the dhtSensor program on a daily basis and would then test their results on a monthly basis. Measurements of hair growth, shaft diameters, and follicle sizes, as well as Anagen and Catagen were all noted over a time period of six months.

A prestigious and well-known California University volunteered their Dermatology Department to run skin penetration tests on the scalps of the test group. Their findings showed that the dhtSensor’s micro-emulsion system deposited over 3,000 micrograms of enzyme molecules into both the hair follicles and the scalp per day.

Who Benefits From dhtSensor?

If you are a man or a woman experiencing the beginning stages of thinning hair, have fine hair by nature, or are noticing excessive hair loss, then dhtSensor is a possible solution for you. It has been known to slow down and even prevent future hair loss.

The dhtSensor program is made up of a few easy-to-use products. In order to successfully and effectively deliver enzyme molecules to the scalp the Enzyme Complex Concentrate was carefully developed over a period of several years. Within these development stages researchers created dhtSensor’s unique micro-emulsion delivery system. The Enzyme Complex splits the amino acids causing the CO2 radicals to become balanced. This action contributes to protein synthesis, which naturally metabolizes fat and carbohydrates. A positive reaction to this action is the Enzyme Complex blocks any built up cholesterol or high concentrations of testosterone, which ultimately means it won’t convert into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the leading cause of male pattern baldness.

The dhtSensor’s shampoo and conditioner can be used as part of the entire program or they can be used on their own. Although they clean, condition, and add volume to hair, the biggest benefit they offer is to establish a healthy environment to grow strong and healthy hair.

The dhtSensor program also offers a Vitamin/Mineral Compound designed to induce healthier hair growth. It contains a blend of vitamins and minerals, which are used to combat negative skin activity such as 5 Alpha Reductase, a common reason for hair loss.