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Styl-Rama Inc. is a family owned and operated business, serving you for over 50 years!. Styl-Rama was started by Michael Labriola in 1963 when hair accessories fashion was very popular. He has continued the business, improving and perfecting product and procedures along with his daughter, Darlene Caracappa. Darlene was raised in the business and has worked side by side with her father since 1988. Darlene Caracappa is the current owner and brings a fresh new approach to the business. With continued education and helping to train others in the field, she is eager to get the word out that there are many different options to help people regain their self-confidence.

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Styl-Rama Inc. is dedicated to educating you in all the options open to you, and offering the best solutions to help you make a comfortable decision. We strive to help you look and feel at your best so you can gain self-esteem and confidence in your appearance. Our employees are trained by the most qualified professionals in our industry, making it possible to produce the very best products and services to satisfy each individual client. Our technicians will maintain the look and feel of your hair forever. We improve the lives of our clients every day. We will make a difference in yours.