How Does Hair Loss Treatments Work?

Laser Hair Loss treatments use a device containing remedial low level lasers created in Europe. The treatment conveys light energy from laser positions intended to cosmetically treat the presence of thinning and damaged hair. Doctors are adulating this innovation as a successful system for men and women enduring the struggles of diminishing hair. With laser hair loss treatments, you can accomplish thicker, fuller, shinier, and healthier looking hair.

Is it Safe?

Yes. The device used in a low-level laser treatment (LLLT) meets all universal safety standards. The laser treatment is classified as a “non-significant risk” product.

Will It Work For Me?

Hair loss doesn’t happen overnight and neither does hair development. With just twice a week, 20-minute sessions at home, you can begin your way to a full head of healthy hair. Clinical trials have demonstrated that after some time, hair loss can be reversed. The vast majority of our patients that decide to follow our suggested regimen and guidelines experience a decrease in thinning hair, stimulate the hair you have, and giving you the appearance of thicker, fuller head of hair for a truly natural look.